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September 19 – Pre-Conference – Intelligence Liaison Officer

Training is FREE but those wishing to attend MUST register at the link above.

The Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) administers an Intelligence Liaison Officer (ILO) program designed to enhance information sharing and strengthen multi-jurisdictional partnerships throughout the State of Missouri and Nationally. The program brings together individuals from various disciplines, creating a large network of personnel and resources to help the fight against terrorist and criminal activities, to enhance cooperation at all levels of government, and to increase information sharing.
Since the inception in 2014, our program has expanded from law enforcement to many other disciplines. This includes fire departments, emergency management, corrections, public and private sector, military, healthcare, education and many other sectors. In 2015, we have also included private sector individuals who work at sites containing critical infrastructure or key resources.
The ILO Program training curriculum provides insight into the functions of the MIAC and its partnerships with many different agencies. ILOs are required to attend this initial training session to learn about their responsibilities, ways to send or request information from the MIAC, and what services are available to them through the MIAC and its partners. ILOs gain knowledge regarding terrorism indicators, what behaviors to report, and how to report this information to the MIAC. The entire program creates a network of contacts throughout the state and nation, provides the knowledge for how to report any suspicious activities, and teaches the ILO how to provide further outreach within their community for enhanced community awareness.

September 20-21 – Training Symposium

We plan to pack our agenda full of information focusing on the frontline call-taker, dispatcher, and supervisor.  There will be suitable techniques to manage interpersonal relations and our own personal motivation, stress, and well-being.  We’ll include hot topics and changes on the horizon such as FirstNet, NG911, and state interoperability.

September 21 – Exhibition Hall opens

A change to our Fall MPSCC!  Due to overwhelming requests from our commercial exhibitors last year, we will open the vendor hall for all registered Symposium and Workshop attendees this fall.  The fall exhibition is still limited to a smaller number of commercial attendees but we will plan times and maybe just a little bit of fun when all of our attendees can network with the vendors!  Exhibitors and Directors will still enjoy private time on September 21 & 22.  MORE DETAILS coming soon!

September 21-22 – 911 Director’s Workshop

Managers, Directors, and center staff members will sit down for both roundtables discussions of the important issues facing 911 today and receive presentations specific to PSAP operations.