Fall 2021 NTIA NG9-1-1 Training Scholarship

The Missouri 9-1-1 Service Board (MO911SB) has established a scholarship program through the Federal NTIA training grant related to NG9-1-1 training and education. Missouri is making great strides in education and technology advancements for NG9-1-1 across the state of Missouri. This scholarship is designed to assist Missouri Public Safety Communications personnel in pursuing their passion and to educate those in need, with an emphasis on personnel that has never attended a conference or that’s agency training funds are minimal or depleted. This training scholarship is being put on through a partnership with the Missouri Public Safety Communications Conference with a goal to help ensure that those making decisions for Missouri PSAPs as directors/managers, supervisors, technologist, trainers, telecommunicators, etc. truly understand the capabilities, requirements and cyber security measures that create a successful NG9-1-1 system and that they share the information and lessons learned through their PSAP and industry after attending training and educational sessions around the state and at the Missouri Public Safety Communications Conference (MPSCC).

The award winner will have their MPSCC fall registration fee covered, including some meals paid for by the conference registration. All award winners must sign an agreement to attend. The agreement is to attend all NG9-1-1 training sessions and educational meetings and follow through with documentation to retain the scholarship.

Nomination/Application Process

Individuals may nominate others or themselves for this scholarship.

Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Trainers, or equivalent can nominate one or more staff member(s) from their agency. A letter of support from the applicant’s supervisor/agency head shall be required along with the nomination. The nominee’s name, title, years of service, agency name, address, phone number and work email shall be included with the application.

An MPSCC committee board member will contact the nominee by phone or email and explain the nomination process and agreement requirements once the nomination/application is received.

The MPSCC committee shall receive nominations/applications by the deadline of September 3, 2021.