Meals & Events

After a full day of training, relax and have a good time during included meals and events.

Conference Theme

The Chef is in the Kitchen! Thats right, this conference’s theme is cooking for success! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to wear your chef apron (work-appropriate) or hat!

We are still in the planning stage, so more information on themed events will become available soon! 

Welcome Reception - Sunday Evening

No matter if this is your first conference or your tenth conference, you will not want to miss out on this fun event!  

Known for their “arsenal of entertainment” and touted as the largest bar in St. Louis, we are excited to hold our Welcome Reception at the Armory!

Take a spin around the Armory yard and see all the fun and games there are to play – from arcade games to board games to yard games, there is something here for everyone! Not feeling the games? Take a run down the Super Happy Fun Slide or tip the Giant Seesaw to feel like a child again! Food on the brain? No worries! Enjoy the taco buffet and a gooey cake to satisfy that sweet and salty craving! See you at the Armory!

Tuesday Night Entertainment

Come on down! The Ultimate Game Show Challenge is a fast-paced, high-energy, interactive event that has taken the best from television game shows and put them together on one stage! 

Brush up on your trivia! Remember your geography and get ready to recall old TV theme songs. See if you can outwit and out play your fellow teammates!

– Powers Entertainment

Provided Meals

Dietary Restrictions?

We do our best to accommodate those with dietary restrictions. Please ensure that you notify the Conference Committee during the registration process of your needs.