Awards & Eligibility Information

Each year, the Missouri Public Safety Communications Conference along with the Missouri 9-1-1 Director’s Association and Missouri Chapters of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) and National Emergency Number Association (NENA) see nominations for and bestow the following awards to deserving members of Missouri’s emergency communications profession!


The Director of the Year Category is meant for a staff member service in an executive position, such as the titles of Director, Assistant Director, Executive Director, Deputy Director, PSAP Manager, Communication Center Director, Communications Director/Manager, Communications Administrator, Center Manager, Communications Chief, Public Safety Manager. These are agency or division heads or seconds in command.

The Supervisor of the Year category is for those who serve as line supervisors and may hold the title of Dispatch Supervisor, Shift Supervisor, Supervising Dispatcher, Supervisor, Shift Manager/Supervisor, Communications Supervisor, Communications Shift Supervisor, Operations Supervisor, Emergency Resource Supervisor, Telecommunications Supervisor, Senior Fire Communications Supervisor.

The Trainer of the Year category is for those who act in a training compacity. They may be training coordinators, CTOs or anyone who is primarily responsible for planning, developing, scheduling or conducting training for 9-1-1 and public safety communications call takers, dispatchers and supervisors. They may be those who evaluate trainees’ skills and job performance; plans and/or develops advanced training for 9-1-1 public safety communications call takers, dispatchers and supervisors and assists with developing and enhancing trainees’ professional knowledge, skill, and ability through in-service training or career development training.

This award is designed to honor two or more individuals from the same emergency communications agency that worked on the same event, incident or project.  Eligible candidates must have worked on the incident, project or event as a team and must all be employed by the same emergency communications agency.

The Telecommunicator of the Year category is for those who function as a front line dispatcher or call taker for law enforcement, fire, and/or emergency medical services. They should operate telecommunications equipment to receive emergency and non-emergency phone calls, determine situations from callers and ascertains all required information for the dispatch of a call for service. They may relay information to a dispatcher (if a separate position) via CAD or manual dispatch cards. They may operate radio equipment to dispatch field responder units to calls for service; receives radio traffic from field responders and monitors emergency and support radio frequencies.

This award is designed to honor a youth whose courage and determination to obtain assistance for another person during a critical event went above and beyond all expectations.  The award winner will have shown exceptional calm while providing essential information for call takers and responders.  Must have initiated or been the primary contact with a Missouri communications center during the incident. This award is limited to juveniles under the age of 18.

The Information Technologist of the Year category is for those who serve the center in a technical aspect. Titles or duties may include Systems Administrator, Information Technologist Specialist, Information Technologist, Network Administrator, Systems Engineer, Senior Computer Analyst, CAD/GIS Administrator, Network Services Supervisor, NCIC/CAD System Manager, Technician, 9-1-1 Systems, Information Technology Coordinator, Senior Project Manager, Records Technician (Master Addressing Guide – MSAG Coordinator), Mobile/CAD System Administrator, Information Technology Specialist, IT Tech and Address/Mapping Coordinator, Operations Support Technician, GIS Analyst, Radio Technologist.

The Radio Technologist of the Year category is for those who serve a center in a form of radio technology aspect. They may hold a title similar to Radio Frequency Director , Electronics Communications Technician, Telecommunications Engineer, Communications Technician Supervisor, Senior Communications Technician, Radio Lead Technician, Radio Technician, Technical Systems Administrator, Radio Frequency Engineer, Communications Technician,  9-1-1 Systems Technician, Telecommunication Services Engineer, Radio Network Engineer, Radio Frequency Systems Engineer Manager

This category is for those who hold a support staff position similar to: Executive Administrative Assistant, Administrative Office Assistant, QA/QI Coordinator or any other support position in which the individual has played a significant role in enhancing and improving the morale and/or operations in the center. 

2023 Nominees

Director of the Year

  • Kim Davis, Ray County 9-1-1 **Recipient**
  • Alyssa Forman, Linn County Central Dispatch E9-1-1
  • Chancy Huntzinger, Newton County Central Dispatch Center
  • Kristopher Inman, Springfield-Greene County 9-1-1
  • Jessica Mayfield, Benton County Central Dispatch
  • Jason Nettles, Central County E9-1-1
  • Sarah Newell, Polk County Central Dispatch
  • Angela Rodgers, Scott County E9-1-1

Supervisor of the Year

  • Tamara Bazzle, Kansas City Police Department
  • Dawn Moore, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop E **Recipient**
  • John Novotny, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop D
  • Stacey Richards, Moniteau County Emergency Dispatch

‘George Major’ Trainer of the Year

  • Kendra Shell, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop E** Recipient**

Telecommunicator of the Year

  • Tosha Burns, Taney County Ambulance District
  • Katie Hill, St. Louis County Police Department 
  • Blake Johnson, Springfield-Greene County 9-1-1  ** Recipient**
  • Krysten Keeney, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop E
  • Stephen McAlpin, Kansas City Police Department
  • Angela Sizemore-Bunton, St. Joseph Police Department

Support Services Professional of the Year (NEW CATEGORY)

  • Kim Beard, Taney County Ambulance District
  • Megan Cunningham, Springfield-Greene County 9-1-1  ** Recipient**
  • Amber Madison, Jasper County Emergency Services (JASCO)

Team of the Year

  • St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department 
  • North Kansas City Police Department **Recipient**
  • Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop H
  • Rolla Police Department

Information Technologist 

  • Edward Baird, St. Louis County Police Department  ** Recipient**
  • Richard Baum, Taney County Ambulance District
  • Ben Clark, Mid-America Regional Council

Radio Technologist 

  • James Adkins, Missouri State Highway Patrol ** Recipient**
  • Capt. Ryan Smith, Sikeston Department of Public Safety
  • Scott Stephenson, Kansas City Police Department
  • Jamie Taylor, Lee’s Summit Police Department

Hero of the Year

  • Alleah Bethel, Polk County Central Dispatch
  • Rick’Cyiah Carter, Rolla Police Department
  • Miracle Moore, Central County E9-1-1 ** Recipient**

Recorded Awards Programs


2020 & 2021 AWARDS PROGRAM

Past Recipients

2023 Award Recipients

  • Telecommunicator –  Blake Johnson, Springfield-Greene County 9-1-1
  • Trainer – Kendra Shell, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop E
  • Team – North Kansas City Police Department
  • Information Technologist – Edward Baird, St. Louis County Police Department 
  • Radio Technologist – James Adkins, Missouri State Highway Patrol
  • Supervisor -Dawn Moore, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop E
  • Director – Kimberly Davis, Ray County 9-1-1
  • Hero – Miracle Moore, St. Louis County, Missouri
  • Support Services Professional – Megan Cunningham, Springfield-Greene County 9-1-1
  • President’s Awards – Bonnie Witt-Schulte, Past President of Missouri NENA
  • President’s Award – Frank Foster, EMS Legal Services (posthumously)
  • President’s Award – Kima Burnett-Frances, Past Missouri TERT Coordinator

2022 Award Recipients

  • Telecommunicator –  Candis Stanton, Atchison County 9-1-1
  • Trainer – Roger Martin, Missouri State Highway Patrol – GHQ
  • Team – Independence Police Department
  • Information Technologist – Mike Fridley, St. Charles County 
  • Radio Technologist – Dwayne Kinley, Radio Technologist
  • Supervisor – Brandon Mcclintock, Jasper County Emergency Services
  • Director – Cheryl Konarski, Joplin Emergency Communications Center
  • Hero – Rose Baker, Benton County, Missouri
  • President’s Awards – Mike Phillips, Past President of MO911DA

2021 Award Recipients

  • Telecommunicator –  Chrissy Postlethwait, Springfield-Greene County 9-1-1
  • Trainer – Heather Morrison, Springfield-Greene County 9-1-1
  • Team – Multiple Watches of the Kansas City Police Department
  • Supervisor – Renee Berry, Warren County Emergency Services
  • Information Tech – Mike Runnebaum, Jasper County Emergency Services 
  • Radio Technologist – Brian O’Dell, Joplin Police Department
  • Director – Sarah Newell, Polk County Central Dispatch
  • Hero – Braydon Johnson, Livingston County, Missouri
  • President’s Awards – Stephen Hoskins, Past President of MOAPCO

2020 Award Recipients

  • Telecommunicator – Hannah Ruskey, Grandview Police Department
  • Trainer – Tabitha Stanley, Rolla Central Communications
  • Team – Lexi Friedli and Tabitha Beede, Audrain County 9-1-1
  • Supervisor – Samantha Houttuin, Franklin County Communications
  • Information Tech – Maria Walser, Mid-America Regional Council 
  • Director – April Ford, Jasper County Emergency Services
  • Hero – Hannah Batson, Jasper County, Missouri

2019 Award Recipients

  • Telecommunicator – Michelle Maples, Independence Police Department
  • Trainer – Zachary Dykes, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop D
  • Team – Christian County Emergency Services
  • Supervisor – Christina Smith, Rolla Police Department
  • Information Tech – David Tucker, Independence Police Department 
  • Director – Mike Phillips, Barry County E9-1-1
  • President’s Award – Scott Penman & Kaycee Nail, Penman Group

2018 Award Recipients

  • Telecommunicator – Patricia Limbaugh, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop E
  • Trainer – Kima Burnett, Jasper County Emergency Services
  • Team – Kellie Balcom, Kelsey Talber and Jim Langley, Jasper County Emergency Services
  • Supervisor – Andrea Khan, Kansas City Police Department
  • Radio Tech – Bradley Coffey, Missouri State Highway Patrol – GHQ 
  • Director – Kwabena Asante, Osage Beach Police Department
  • Hero – William Rebman, Kansas City, Missouri
  • President’s Award – Roger Martin

2017 Award Recipients

  • Telecommunicator – Charles Shepard, Dade County Emergency Services
  • Trainer – Cheryl Konarski, Dade County Emergency Services
  • Team – Alicia Davis, Amy Barrett, Maygon Matlage, Lisa Lake, Gracy Link and Valesha Wilson, Christian County Emergency Services
  • Supervisor – Christopher Nicholson, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop H
  • Technician of the Year – Kevin Francis, Stoddard County 9-1-1 Services
  • Director – Becky Bacon, Christian County Emergency Services
  • Hero – Neveah Thomas, Pulaski County, Missouri

2016 Award Recipients

  • Trainer – Bob Larimer, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop D
  • Team – Martinez and Looney, Osage Beach Police Department
  • Supervisor – Dawn Moore, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop E
  • Director – Zim Schwartze, Springfield-Greene County 9-1-1
  • Hero – Emma Miller 
  • President’s Award – Lisa Schlottach
  • Friend of 9-1-1- Penman & Winton
  • Special – Jeanie Lauer

2015 Award Recipients

  • Trainer – Kendra Shell, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop E
  • Team – Donna Beeks, Rob Massengale, Matt D’Amore, Brandy Coffey, Emmily Bolen, Polk County Central Dispatch
  • Supervisor – Laura McDonald, Osage Beach Police Department
  • Director – Bonnie Witt-Schulte, Monett 9-1-1
  • Hero – Ellie Marie Miller
  • Lifetime Achievement – Charlie Bonnie

2014 Award Recipients

  • Telecommunicator – Jeremy Lee, Maryland Heights Police Department
  • Trainer – Kris Inman, Springfield-Greene County 9-1-1
  • Supervisor – David Driskell, Christian County E9-1-1
  • Director – JR Webb, Springfield-Greene County 9-1-1
  • President’s Award – Corey Chaney

2013 Award Recipients

  • Telecommunicator – Tracy Hux, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop H
  • Trainer – Laurie Wall, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop H
  • Team – Susan Carroll and Jenall Watkins, Barry County E9-1-1
  • Supervisor – Saralyn Hayes, Mid-America Regional Council
  • Director – Paula Volkmer, Rolla Police Department
  • President’s Award – Robin Tieman

2012 Award Recipients

  • Telecommunicator – Chelsea Kincaid, O’Fallon Police Department
  • Trainer – Pam Gilligan, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop F
  • Director – Lori Sneed, Dade County Emergency Services
  • President’s Award – Dan Rowden

2011 Award Recipients

  • Trainer – Barbara Graham, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Troop F
  • President’s Award – The communications professionals of Joplin and Jasper County.